08.8.2016 Fanzine published my piece 'Pockets Full of Cake: Damian Lillard & Feeling Snubbed

09.20.2016 Frances Chiem killed it at the Salon of Shame #69 at the Theatre Off Jackson. She read from a piece from her high school journal about her LARPing days. It was so dope and funny and the crowd loved it. Right before the show, I had to take an emergency phone call and I walked my co-worker through a stressful, small scale disaster. At the end of it, I realized I enjoy pacing back and forth on the sidewalks in public. I am not shy about disasters, not shy about small fires. I felt a little deranged before feeling good again, and entering the venue, I looked for Frances in the deep crowd and felt better a hundred fold. Frances, sitting with friends, was already looking at me, and smiling.

09.24.2016 I ran 2 miles this morning and decided to do this first blog post. Tonight Frances and I will be having dinner w/ Sonora Jha, and tomorrow, I am going to prepare for my panel next week at UW Bothell for the Fall 2016 Convergence Conference. Brian Evenson will be part of my panel and I am nervous and stoked af. as fuck.

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